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About Us

Domestic Construction began in 2007 with Trish and Maureen crafting chandeliers out of discarded teacups, dresses that wore like summertime, clocks that made you happy no matter how late or early. Through the years their talents developed and taste for projects changed- they’ve worked as designers, artists, art directors and stylists for everything from weddings, music videos, photo shoots, and Fortune 500 events.

No matter the platform of expression, the D.C. girls consistently create work that is tactile, functional and engaging; always inviting you to look closer and think more. Domestic Construction was born from the combined hearts of kids who poured glue on their hands just so they could peel it off, who learned their way around thread and through a needle, and built trails in the woods where there were only trees. They've been redefining the ordinary all of their lives.